Hydromet Operational Intelligence


It is a guiding principal

HydroMet Operational Intelligence (HMOI) is the main guiding principal behind Kije Sipi‘s intelligent solutions to meteorological and water resources operational challenges your organization must tackle. The characteristics described below are built into the solutions we propose and our goal is that by the time you complete reading this page you will be confident HMOI is not just a buzzword being spread by a marketing department.  It is what we do!

HydroMet formal training and experience behind the solutions

Kije Sipi‘s engineers have formal training in water resources and both a breadth and depth of experience that make them experts in this field. For the past 20 years Kije Sipi has partnered with RWDI’s team of meteorologists to answer its clients needs for expert meteorological guidance. Meteorologists and hydrologists play a key role in HydroMet metadata curation, quality assurance and control to meet the specialized needs of customers and partners.

Real-time, robust, available anywhere, any time.

These characteristics are a must for any operational solution.  Kije Sipi‘s automated processes continuously ingest HydroMet data from multiple sources, perform quality control, add value and disseminate the information to relevant users in your organization. These processes run on a redundant cluster of servers in a Tier III data centre. Any user with internet connectivity can receive/access the information.  Kije Sipi‘s solutions can also be customized to include standard operating procedures or information specific to your infrastructure (e.g. GIS info), essentially acting as a translation from the HydroMet world (our world) to your operational world.  If you require it, meteorological support is available 24/7.

Geographically relevant and customizable

This is the intelligence part of HMOI. Every year terabytes of HydroMet data is made available from North American sources. Simply passing this information to the end user is not an option. Kije Sipi‘s solutions are configurable at the organization level and at the user level in terms of geographic relevance and the type of data that is of interest (e.g. temperature) so users only receive what they require. Custom operational thresholds are used in various ways allowing users to quickly identify threats specific to your operations.