It's in our DNA

Kije Sipi was born out of necessity to answer the operational safety needs of a transportation customer.  That industry has and continues to shape how we implement HydroMet Operational Intelligence (HMOI).

What HMOI can do for you

Here are some HMOI capabilities we provide that are particularly well suited to your industry:

  • Daily weather planning reports, authored by meteorologists, specific to your geographic region of interest.
  • Real-time weather warning email notifications, customizable at the user level.  Your employees  only get what they need.
  • Severe Weather Alarms (SWALs).  You set operational HydroMet thresholds, interested users are notified immediately when they are crossed.
  • 24/7 phone access to meteorologists. 

You have special needs? We love a challenge

Custom solutions is one of our strength.  Here are some examples we’ve implemented for our transportation customers:

  • Daily plots of 48-hour min-max temperature along specific routes.
  • Real-time landslide prediction system based on soil moisture content.
  • Custom spring thaw flood reports. 

You urgently need to repair your infrastructure?

Kije Sipi provides emergency hydraulic design professional services  to minimize transportation interruptions.