Water Resources Engineering


“If you have a surface water related problem, we can help!”
– E. Jobin, VP Engineering

This is where it all started … water, water, water everywhere!

Kije Sipi was founded as a professional consultant providing Water Resources services within the broader Civil Engineering discipline. If a situation involves water, either too much or not enough, we’re in!  While water-related challenges have always been at the core of our company, we naturally expanded our core competencies to include HydroMeteorology and Radar Hydrology, both of which being necessary to understand the source of water resources problems. 

Our tool bag is well equipped and ready!

While capitalizing on our HydroMet Operational Intelligence (HMOI) products and services, our professional services encompass the standard suite of water resources engineering capabilities such as hydrologic/hydraulic analyses and design, including field monitoring. As such, we provide all problem-solving elements within our spheres of activities including technical mandates to  characterizeanalyze, model and, research as well as monitor HydroMet-related problems. Furthermore, we encapsulate all technical aspects of our mandate using project management, coordination and reporting services that typically serve as links of communication with our clients.