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Monitor and plan with the Weather Information System (WIS) web portal

The WIS web portal is the jewel of Kije Sipi‘s Hydromet Operational Intelligent (HMOI) solutions.  It was designed from the ground up as a real-time weather and hydrometric data monitoring tool.  You can find out more about it here: Weather Information System

  •  WIS is easily extensible with custom data.  You provide it, we store it on our secure servers and display it on the WIS web portal.

Cloud-to-ground lightning strike alerts

WIS can alert you when lightning strikes the ground in the vicinity of your infrastructure and operations:

  • You define the locations and their size, WIS monitors them for you.  Coverage over North America is available.
  • Alert notification emails are issued only to users that have an interest in the impacted location.  No unnecessary chatter. 

Measuring rainfall over reservoirs and watersheds

Kije Sipi‘s water resources engineers have extensive knowledge and experience processing and analyzing radar-based rainfall data:

And there's more!

Our HMOI solutions also include:

  • Real-time weather warning email notifications, customizable at the user level.  Your employees only get what they need.
  • 24/7 phone access to meteorologists.