Weather Event Analytics


A crucial part of HydroMet Operational Intelligence (HMOI) is to provide analytics products that shed light on HydroMet events so you can make sense of their impact on your infrastructure and operations.

The Perfect Storm

The perfect storm is the one that dances around your rain gauge network while dumping large amounts of precipitation and wreaking havoc on your infrastructure, leaving you unable to explain what happened.  We’ve seen it happen and we have the thematic maps to prove it.  

The Answer: Rain Gauge Adjusted Weather Radar

The best of both worlds.  Weather radar is unparalleled when it comes to spatial representation.  Combined with the accuracy of rain gauges to adjust for radiometric errors they form a very effective and proven technology for characterizing events.  Kije Sipi‘s water resources engineers have performed thousands of post-event analyses to provide the answers its customers were seeking.  Our archive contains weather radar data dating back to the year 2000.

Visualize, Assess, Understand

Those are the three goals behind Kije Sipi‘s event analytics approach, which is why our products include any of the following:

  • Visualize the spatial characteristics of your event with total precipitation and maximum intensity contour maps (1 km2 spatial resolution) and animations.
  • Visualize the time characteristics of your event with hyetograms (5 minute temporal resolution).
  • Assess the event’s total precipitation, intensity and rainfall return periods using our 3D spreadsheet.
  • Trust Kije Sipi to guide you through the interpretation of the results so you can leverage them to the maximum.

It's not Always about the Rain

Kije Sipi also performs analyses and generates periodic or ad-hoc reports for events other than rain storms, such as:

  • Spring thaw flood conditions.
  • Seasonal assessments against climate normals.
  • Ground level forecast temperatures adjusted analytically for sites of interest.