Planning is an essential activity of HydroMet Operational Intelligence (HMOI).  Kije Sipi recognizes this fact by making available a variety of forecasting products tailored to suit your operational needs.

The Basics

Basic forecast products answer the When, Where and How Much questions with a fair degree of customization:

  • You get reports generated on the schedule of your choice, for the HydroMet variables of your choice (temperature, precipitation, wind, water level, etc.) for locations of interest to your business anywhere in North America,
  • Information can be presented in tabular, map or graphical format.
  • Employee self-serve email subscription mechanism means you do not need to manage distribution lists.
  • Colour-coding based on your operational thresholds is used so humans can identify areas of concern at a glance.

Beyond the Basics

Basic products can be enhanced and customized even further to suit your needs.  For example:

  • Special forecasts, authored by our team of meteorologists, to provide extra  information specific to  your geographic area of interest.
  • Weather threat maps that aggregate multiple HydroMet variables into a single map highlighting areas of concerns based on your operational thresholds.
  • Your organization’s extreme weather standard operating procedures can be integrated into forecast reports.  This answers the What question for the report’s recipients as in “what action must be performed” in response to the reported threat.

NowCasting: Short-Horizon High Resolution Forecasts

Kije Sipi‘s NowCasting product provides high temporal and spatial resolution rainfall forecasts over a short horizon.  Perfect for mission critical applications such as input to municipal real-time combined sewer overflow control systems.

  • Every radar scan cycle rainfall intensity data is provided at a 1 km2 spatial resolution and 5-minute temporal resolution for a 2-hour forecast horizon.
  • Utilization of radar mosaic in areas where coverage from multiple radars is available.
    • A radar mosaic is inherently redundant and ensures continuity of service even if one radar becomes inoperative.
  • Both COTREC and Advective algorithms are used to compute a hybrid solution thereby ensuring optimized forecasts irrespective of rainfall type.
  • Data available in image and tabular formats.

Need Short Duration Coverage?

For those customers who require forecasting products and services for a short duration, such as for an outdoor event, Kije Sipi invites you to contact its sister company, Event WeatherPlan, who caters to the event and construction industries.