Weather Radar-Derived Rainfall Data Analysis and Reporting


A complement to our Weather Event Analytics product

Kije Sipi offers radar-based rainfall analysis as a standard product.  See the Weather Event Analytics section for more detail.  There are two typical cases where the professional services variant of the product may be more suitable:

  • You require more than what the standard product offers, such as a report authored by a professional engineer suitable for litigation or mediation.
  • You wish to obtain analyses for all events during the raining season.  In this case subscribing to the service is more cost-effective.  The water resources department of several large Canadian municipalities currently subscribe annually to our radar-based rainfall data analysis service.

A vast experience at your service

Kije Sipi  has analyzed well over 3,000 storm events for most major cities across Canada since 1996.  Furthermore, over 25,000 events were characterized in the context of our ongoing storm research program.  Throughout all this Kije Sipi developed efficient visualization and data mining tools allowing its customers to leverage analysis results to the maximum.

An extensive historic database

Kije Sipi zealously maintains an archive of the last 20 years of surface weather observations and weather radar data covering all of Canada and most of the United States.  Both types of data are necessary to perform rain-gauge adjusted radar-based rainfall analyses.  More importantly though, this translates into short turnaround times between client requests and production of the analyses because the required data is readily available.