Mini Weather Radar Turnkey Solutions


When high resolution precipitation data is required

Based on the extensive experience we acquired analyzing thousands of storm events we know for a fact that  weather radar is the only technology that can deliver gap-free, high spatial resolution precipitation data that is often required for accurate storm event characterization. However, acquiring, operating and maintaining a weather radar can be overwhelming.  We know, this is not a rain gauge! That’s why we offer a turnkey solution. 

A vertically integrated solution

Kije Sipi offers a full outsourcing mini weather radar consulting service that includes provisioning, installation, configuration, commissioning, operation, maintenance, data analyses and visualization. This significant corporate endeavor was launched in 2014 with the installation of the first mini-radar for a Canadian municipality – the City of Edmonton.

Take control of the primary input

Seizing control of the primary data source to solve HydroMet problems was a logical corporate progression into a field of expertise very few water resources engineering firms venture into.  Kije Sipi‘s unique blend of experience in radar hydrology and integration of software sytems allowed it to integrate this somewhat complex sensing platform into its daily operations, including the data visualization portion of the Weather Information System (WIS), much to the benefit of its customer.

In a nutshell

From a post implementation and management perspective, the mini weather radar turnkey professional services typically include radar operation and maintenance plus rainfall data analyses under a minimum 3-year agreement.