Weather Information System


The Weather Information System (WIS) is the jewel of Kije Sipi‘s HydroMet Operational Intelligent (HMOI) solutions.  It is a real-time weather+ monitoring and planning tool.

What's so special about Kije Sipi's WIS?

For the sake of completeness we provide you with the rather exhaustive list of characteristics and capabilities of our WIS below.  But what makes it special?  Here’s what we think:

  • Behind the technology are professional water resource engineers and meteorologists that you can actually call and get expert advice from.  We are passionate about HydroMet and its shows.
  • WIS integrates information not commonly available in weather information systems, such as river hydrometric data, earthquake notifications, antecedent precipitation indices (API) calculations to name a few.  That’s what the “+
    stands for in weather+
  • Using color-coding WIS allows its users to quickly identify current and future problematic areas based on thresholds your organization defines.

Real-time, high-availability, secure platform available from anywhere

  • WIS continuously ingests hydromet data from U.S. and Canadian sources and notifies interested users as soon as a threat is detected.
  • WIS is a geoweb application hosted on our redundant servers located in a Tier III data centre.
  • Every WIS user has his/her own credentials and can access the web portal from anywhere an internet connection is available.
  • 24/7 met support hotline available should you need guidance from our meteorologists. 

Visualize your data in WIS

  • You want to leverage WIS‘ display and alerting capabilities using your organization’s data?  No problem!  We support industry-standard communication protocols and file formats.
  • Perhaps you require a one-of-a-kind solution?   Give us a call.  Our dedicated development team loves a good challenge!

WIS characteristics and capabilities

  • Real-time threat monitoring and alerting using notification emails:
    • Weather warnings issued by the U.S. National Weather Service and Environment and Climatic Change Canada.
    • Severe weather alerts (SWALs).  SWALs are based on operational thresholds set by your organization.
    • Earthquakes 
  • Geographic and data/event types filtering:
    • Only see information and receive alerts for geographic regions of interest and for data/event types that are meaningful to your organization.
    • Each user can customize his/her profile in that regard. 
  • Display current and forecast weather+ information on geoweb portal:
    • Observed and forecast weather information at specific locations.
    • Forecast contour map animations.
    • Weather threats forecast contour map animations.
    • Weather radar accumulation maps and animations.
    • Weather warnings with audible alarm.
    • River hydrometric data.
    • Earthquake locations with graphical representation of magnitude.
    • NowCasting animations (for organizations who use the optional NowCasting product
    • Color-coding of information to quickly allow users to focus on problematic areas.
  • User Profiles:
    • Geographic and data/event types filtering preferences.
    • Email subscription to your organization’s custom reports.  
  • Real-time acquisition and display of your operational data:
    • Tabular format, contour maps, animations and plots, according to your organization’s needs.
  • Collection of help screencasts available right from the web portal. 
  • Available from anywhere internet access is available.
  • 24/7 met support hotline.
  • HydroMet professional support services.
  • North American data coverage.