HydroMet gives you the complete picture

Flooding events are caused by rain and how it is handled by the watershed.  Both must be considered when characterizing such events.  That’s HydroMet at work and that’s our bread and butter!

How much, when and where?

These are three critical questions when it comes to describing a rain event.  Kije Sipi‘s approach to event analysis answers them clearly, effectively and based on facts:

  • Radar-based total accumulation and maximum intensity contour maps that describe the spatial distribution of the rain.
  • Rain intensity hyetogram that describe the time distribution of rain. 
  • Use of rain gauge adjusted radar data to provide the most accurate values possible.
  • Characterization of the event’s return periods to compare it to past events.     

Backed up by years of experience and R&D

Kije Sipi‘s water resources engineers have performed thousands of event analyses over the last 20 years.  More importantly though, it is our dedication to R&D that has and continues to shape our approach.  We published several articles on the subject of rainfall characterization in the Canadian Meteorology and Oceanography Society bulletin.

Court experienced professional engineers

Our team of professional engineers, members of the Ontario and Québec associations, has court and mediating experience and understands how to effectively support litigation teams.